Star Spangled Symphony

Some of you are old video blogger friends, and many of the rest of you may remember my old video blog. If you don’t – you are forgiven … it’s been a while. I started video blogging before it was a thing for most people; before the iPhone came out, and we all had decent video cameras on our phones. I started video blogging before YouTube was a thing really. Oddly, I’ve not done one recently now that the tools are so much better.

I recently found my old video blogs and as awful as they were, they made me miss doing it. It also reminded me that my first “official” video blog was on July 4th! So I’m celebrating both Independence Day and my video blogging anniversary by posting a video from last night in old school video blog fashion.

Last night I, David, Ted, Heather, Jamie, Jon, and David’s Mom (along with about 8,000 other people) all went to the “Symphony on the Prairie” at Conner Prairie to enjoy a picnic concert by The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra celebrating Independence Day. It was a great show, great company, and we had a pretty great picnic feast going!

There were lots of great moments from the night I didn’t capture, naturally, but I hope this roughly 3 and a half minute recap gets you all in the 4th of July Spirit!


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