Fortune Cookie Wisdom

(originally posted to Facebook)

I think I’m gonna start a blog again.

It’s been kind of a crazy night. I hit a milestone on a personal journey earlier and now I’m sitting here still wired and buzzing with a dozen conflicting emotions … Thank The Maker for meditation or I’d still be a basket case.

This is the sort of evening that — back in the days of my blogging — would inspire a lengthy, contemplative, and insightful post about the world and my take on it.

Facebook just isn’t a platform for that, it seems. At least it isn’t to my mind. Facebook is the place where ‘vaugebooking’ became a word, after all. Facebook is more for snippet posts of “Feeling blessed”, recycled YouTube videos, and reposts of Fortune-Cookie-Wisdom superimposed on images of a flag, or a dog, or a child that nobody related to the post could actually name. There are exceptions of course, but they are gems lost in a sea of “33 crazy facts about Cheetos” posts.

Maybe this is the basis of my overall frustration with Facebook lately, but I think I miss having “readers” and “subscribers” that affirmatively decide to seek out or subscribe to specific content — as opposed to my having to blast a notification out in to that sea-of-Cheetos-posts so that every single person in the world I am willing to call ‘friend’ can see that I’ve posted something — which they likely haven’t previously expressed any real interest in. Also … I miss having posts with titles (I’d likely have called this one “Fortune Cookie Wisdom”).

So, anyway. Crazy night … and I think I’m gonna start a blog again.#whatsOneMoreProject

Feeling: relieved, anxious, grateful, regret, excited, scared.
Your Lucky Number is: 4
Renewal in Chinese is: Fùxing


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